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Hello! Long time no blog! I know, I’ve been lacking on these blogposts, but I was doing some fun stuff that I will tell you later in this post. I decided to make a little “Planning 101” serie. Y’all know that I LOVE being organize and having cute stationery and pretty functional stuff. I actually wrote a post about effective ways to stay organized, you can check it out here. This time, I’ll be doing a Beginners Guide to Planning, and the “materials” (pretty basic ones) you’ll need. Enough rambling, let’s jump into the planning wagon, shall we?

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Planners: There are a ton of fancy planners out there, so it is going to be a tough decision to decide among all the cute ones that the planner community has to offer. The most popular ones are Erin Condren Life Planners, My Happy Planner, Kikki K., and the list goes on! Whichever you choose, just make sure to pick the one it will be functional for you. I recently bought an Erin Condren one (I took advantage of the amazing sale they have going on), sorry not sorry. If you don’t find any of these planners attractive, you can even make your own that can adjust to your own needs!

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Pens: Ever since I started planning I always being color coordinating, and I still do with my regular planner, but I’ve seen that there is a lot of people here in this community that they plan with just a black pen. Which is totally fine! We just have to make sure that whichever type of pen we are using, it won’t bleed through the pages of our planners. Personally, when it comes to black pens I like using the fine point ones, they make my writing look nicer and neat.

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Stickers/washi tape/all decorations: Uf! Ok let’s break this all down, there are type of people that they just need a planner and a pen to get stuff done. BUT there are other type of people (including me) that love to decorate their planner, not only decorate it but make it more functional. That’s where the stickers come in, now you may be thinking, what? stickers? functional? that’s just for decoration! Well, let me tell you stickers can help you in a LOT of ways (of course it depends in the stickers you purchase).

So,if you are more of the creative side, you will love the stickers and the way you can add them into your planner. Basically, what I like to do, before purchasing stickers, is think of the stuff I normally do in my week, and those are the stickers I will buy. For example, I won’t buy a sticker headers that say “school”, when I’m no longer in school. So the key is don’t get too excited at first with stickers and even washi tape, just purchase what you think you will need! I know it’s so tempting to buy all of the cute stickers, but trust me you won’t need them at the first time. Instead, you have to think what will make your planner FUNCTIONAL. Later, when you are 100% sure you are into the planning “world” you may go crazy lol. Same goes with washi tape, if you are into it I will recommend purchasing the ones that comes in sets, because they are usually cheaper and it’s a good amount to start with.

Now getting back to the sticker situation, there are a TON of stickers out there. Recently my friend, Vanessa and I just started our own planning shop, and we started with functional stickers (which we love how they turned out!) If you get to see them, don’t forget to leave us some love and suggestions on what you will like to see in the future. I also decided to add a stationery line in my online shop, you can check it here too.


Now, ill give you some helpful suggestions for planning.

  1. Wha you might see on PWM’s (Plan with me) videos on youtube is people doing these amazing spreads, and filling there whole week with stickers. Now, it’s fine if you do that (I personally like it and it works for me), but planning is not about following a trend, it’s about being organize and do what best fit your needs, make it functional. If you feel that adding just a few stickers works for you, then that is perfect!
  2. Don’t get crazy with all the planner decorations you may see, to be honest, you won’t need them at the beginning lol.
  3. When buying a planner you have to first take into account, what you will use it for. Now this may sound dumb, but don’t get the most popular planner just because everyone is using it and you think it will work for you.
  4. Just have fun with it! I know all these is to stay organized, but you don’t have to be all serious during all the process, take your time and enjoy the ride!

That’s it! i hope you guys really enjoy this post, write me in the comments below what other things you will like to know about planning.



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    1. Hello Jemini! Thanks ! I’m glad I could give you some ideas :)I’m always trying to make planning more fun but at the same time functional to me.

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